Endeavour Construction

Established in 2005 by Ken Harris, Endeavour Construction really has found its stride in the last five years, completing two premium circa million pound houses for an award winning developer and securing and completing multiple contracts to build on behalf of local authorities.

Ken has 35 years’ experience in the construction industry, forging ahead even during some of the toughest time known to house builders and developers. “The ebb and flow that we have seen in the industry continues, even now. I am grateful to be in such a strong position right now and am very excited about the work we are doing.”

Our build portfolio is extensive in style, demonstrating our skill and knowledge in various construction methods. Most recently, we are working in partnership with Wienerberger, the UK’s leading provider of bricks, blocks, roof tiles and pavers, to develop the very first E4 concept houses in the country for our long-standing client, Thameswey Developments.

Being part of a pioneering build method and embracing the shared learnings is inspiring.

“When the opportunity to build the very first houses of their kind came to us, of course we had to take it. Construction will always have its traditional build styles, and we have great success in this method, however, innovation is key to keeping up with housing demand and the budgets needing to be met. I want to be part of that, to support Weinerberger in their efforts in providing a safer and more suitable way to build. It can only be a positive thing.”

Our Hawthorn Road site is the first to use the specialised Porotherm Block walling system, we are working closely with technical the team to ensure this process is the most efficient and effective it can be. Our knowledge of design and build, combined with Weinerberger technical skills, is a fantastic partnership and provides Endeavour with unique service and system to offer our clients.

The Endeavour Team

At Endeavour, our vision is that all local authorities in the home counties will confidently use Endeavour Construction for their projects. We believe our people and values finely define us as a team and company.

Managing Director

Projects and Surveying Director

Accounts and Office Manager

Company Secretary and Customer Service Manager

Marketing and PR / Health and Safety Support

Senior Project Manager

Construction Site Manager

Construction Site Manager

Site Logistics Foreman

Drylining Contracts Manager

Senior Security Advisor

Ken Harris

Managing Director


Ken has notched up almost 40 years in this industry, his resilience and skill have kept him present through some of the toughest times and changes the construction industry has experienced.

“It has been a real challenge at times, but keeping excellent quality and health and safety at the core of what we do has meant that we were able to continue to push forward to this moment.”

Ken stepped on his first job in 1979 as a sole trader and has been a construction company owner since 1997, a company that still thrives today, servicing one of the largest developers in the country.  In 2005 Ken started building independently, working on developments for an award-winning builder and now has clients in local authority building across several sites in Surrey.

“The industry has served me well on the most part, I have been able to grasp a 360 view of all the elements and that is key to successfully managing projects effectively. I strive to surpass expectations of quality and take extreme pride in what we do and the people we work with.”

Kens still finds being on-site and in the thick of the most proactive position, his ability to read site progress and work dynamically to reach the target level of quality are key to the success that we hope proceeds.  However, with the fast-moving pace of the job, no two days are the same.

“About the only thing the same each day in my life is the early start, and that’s ok, I do my best thinking before the rest of the world wakes up and makes too much noise!  I get to site before the rest of our team so I can have a good walk around and really think about where we are in terms of progress, programme and health and safety. It’s so important to me to be seen on-site, to seek out opportunities to talk in person with subcontractors and our site management teams, it is always the most efficient and effective way of keeping our developments moving forward the way they should be.  I have been part of the house building process since I was 14 so I know my way around and have such a keen eye for detail, absolutely what is needed to build to the high standards of quality we are setting for ourselves. If I find myself in the office between meetings and site visits, the main objective is to keep an overall view of what is going on and make final decisions where necessary.  I have complete trust in our head office team so try not to interfere in the day to day items and give everyone their heads to work autonomously.  By this point, 6pm or later has rolled around and it’s time for basketball practice or home to catch bedtime CBeebies with my grandchildren before they go home.”


Sam Nicholson

Projects and Surveying Director

Sam started with Endeavour over a decade ago working from a junior role shadowing Senior Surveyors and Ken himself, to reach his current position of Projects and Surveying Director.

Sam cut his teeth primarily carrying estimates and take-offs on our drylining packages for the likes of Fairview New Homes and Bellway Homes, securing projects of up to £10million.  Keen for efficiency and accuracy beyond paper drawings, ruler and pencil, Sam gained a qualification in estimating software and has never looked back.  Always wanting to add deeper value to the business and those he works with, Sam is currently working towards his BIM and RICS qualifications.

“Learning on the job has been key to my career at Endeavour. Accepting new responsibilities from Ken, understanding them and making them work.  That was how I began to do all the company’s buying, something I have really enjoyed.”

Immersing himself in all aspects of the business has given Sam a 360-degree view on what it takes to build and manages many of our clients’ projects from start to completion. He can see both sides of the coin when dealing with our subcontractors, our clients, agents and works as a key figure in the Endeavour team

“Working so closely to Ken for all these years, getting out on the sites, meeting with everyone from labourers to our client’s consultants, I have been able to soak up more general knowledge than I would have just settled at my desk and I am really proud of that.”

The pace of the business means that Sam’s general plan of attack for each day is to face it early and head on.

“Every day sends us a challenge and every day the team and I work through it methodically and calmly.  It’s so important we are the calm and constant in the build process, the client always wants peace of mind.  It can make for long days, but even on some of the most testing days I genuinely love my job. There is nothing I won’t explore to ensure our clients get the high-quality finish they deserve, on time and budget, there is immense satisfaction in completing a project just as they had hoped.  Working on a new build system with Weinerberger has also been entirely rewarding, I’m prepared for this to really take off and will be encouraging clients to get on board too.”

Newly married and responsible for our office companion Monty, Sam is a comedy genius, keen golf player and a basketball veteran.

Tracy Benson

Accounts and Office Manager

Tracy brings a wealth of experience to Endeavour having worked in accounts and office management for over 20 years. Her knowledge of systems, laws and regulations in business, finance and HR gives us great confidence and pride.

Tracy joined us in 2016 and has navigated Endeavour through the ebbs and flow that we have experienced during this time. She is our cool, calm influence, always knowing where we are and what needs to be done.

“My role is to deal only with fact and process.  Consistency is key to being able to give Ken and Sam the information they need when they need it.”

It is a prerequisite to love dogs when you work for Endeavour, Tracy is no exception.  Tracy lives with her family on a farm in our beautiful Kent countryside enjoying long walks and bike rides.

Helen Harris

Company Secretary and Customer Service Manager

As Company Secretary since the business was established, Helen has managed the accounts, run the office, trained new team members and since taking her foot off the gas a little, now manages the customer care process for our clients.

Helen also has the hardest role in the business, she is married to Ken.  For 36 years, Ken and Helen have been a force to be reckoned with, in and out of work.  Her commitment to supporting Ken’s aspirations to have his very own business is why Endeavour has stood the test of time and continued to excel even during its most daunting and challenging times.

“Being the Boss’s wife is as hard as it is rewarding.  Ken’s energy for work is relentless, admirable but some days I would like to turn down the enthusiasm volume!”

Helen is our ‘Mother Goose’ bringing us sweet treats when they are needed and is always a kind and confidential ear to anyone who needs her. “I am not needed in the office daily anymore so when I do go in, I like to take care of the team.”  When she’s not taking care of us, Helen looks after her puppy and her Grandchildren.

Charlotte Ovenell

Marketing and PR / Health and Safety Support

Charlee was our Executive Assistant back in 2009, supporting Ken whilst he established his brand, processes and supported the overall management of the business. Charlee took a keen interest in health and safety completing various courses during her three years with us.

Charlee came back to us in 2016 on a freelance basis, helping us elevate the brand again, raise our game in health and safety and supports us on an adhoc basis when project workload increases.

“I feel so lucky to have come back to Endeavour in such an exciting role working flexibly around my young family. Family values really are the core of the business and Ken and the team have really embraced having me work remotely. I think more companies need to be as forward-thinking as Endeavour.”

Charlee is the voice behind our website, social media and works closely with our charity, Dandelion Time, to ensure we are supporting them as much as we can.

Simon Watkinson Beaupre

Senior Project Manager

Simon joins Endeavour at a senior level bringing extensive commercial and residential construction experience to the team.

Simon ran his own construction refurb and finishing business for 18 year, and then moved into senior roles for various companies.  His most recent experiences include;

  • Site Supervisor for the Olympic Village works (water remediation, build for athletes use, then conversion to residential on 2895 town houses and apartments.)
  • Finishing Manager for Lendlease.
  • Construction Manager for main contractors on residential and commercial sites
  • Aftercare Manager (also known as Legacy or defects period) for a joint Residential / Commercial project.
  • Senior Construction Manager for Canary Wharf Contractors on four residential towers and two commercial buildings.

Simon and his family live in the beautiful Kent countryside which suits him perfectly as he loves being outside, fishing, walking, and gardening. Simon is ex-military, always wants to learn and loves to travel.  Simon has taken part in nine charity swims for British Heart Foundation and his longest saltwater swim distance is ten miles.

Pat McEnaney

Construction Site Manager

Pat has been with Endeavour two years, successfully completing two projects for our clients at Thameswey Developments and now managing our site in Greenwich for Watermark Homes.

Pat’s many years of experience at Taylor Wimpey and Churchill Retirement meant he came to us with a wealth of knowledge.  His breath of fresh air attitude and personality allows him to work with everyone, even the residential neighbours who naturally can need reassurance at times.  We are so very appreciative of Pat’s negotiation abilities!

Pat’s family, golf and rugby fill his spare time.

Fran Conner

Construction Site Manager

Fran is Endeavour’s veteran, 23 years and counting!

Fran came to Endeavour as a Jointer and over time added other trade skills to his tool kit.  Fran qualified as a Supervisor and a Manger and has over time been an asset to our management team.

‘Working with Ken on and off for all these years has been great.  Ken always find a solution; he never shies away from getting stuck in with me and team getting a problem solved or just getting things done.’

Fran’s weekends are usually filled with his grandchildren (twins who are 4 and another littlie who is 2) Essentially Monday comes round and it feels like a rest!

David Nicholson

Site Logistics Foreman

Vlad Humenyuk

Drylining Contracts Manager

For nine years Vlad has been in the Endeavour family. He started his career with us on the tools as a Dryliner but Ken soon recognised his abilities and potential.

“My first Supervising role was in Rotherhithe almost five years ago. When this came to an end, I needed to work with another company which turned into a great way for me to learn new skills in internal and external work. During that period, I always had a great support from Ken and later he offered me work as a Site Manager for Endeavour. Since then, we have continued our great work on many projects.”

In early 2020, Vlad was offered a Contracts Managers role to show how much he is respected and trusted and how valuable he is as a team member.

“Taking this job brings big pleasure for me to have such trust. I enjoy my work although sometimes it can be stressful during busy periods. But I always have great support from Ken, Sam and our office team.  I am really proud that our projects are always a success and health and safety on our sites is on top level.”

Vlad was born in Ukraine where he graduated college and then served in the Ukrainian army for two years.

“When I was 22, I decided to travel to the UK and now live here with my wife and two-year-old son. I adore animals and we have two cheeky cats at home.”


Senior Security Advisor

Six years of dedicated service from Monty, our most lovable and cuddly team member. With his loyal, fun and energetic approach to his role, Monty is the best in the business.

Our Values

Our set of values have been part of the way we do business since the very beginning. These core values steer endeavour in day to day activities and our long-term vision.

Integrity: we always work honestly; because we believe that being clear and credible builds trust within the business as well as with our clients.

Safe choices: by consistently managing our health and safety, we are undoubtedly building the foundation for excellence.

Passion: we approach every element of our business with passion, and take enormous pride in the work we do and the impact that we make; we believe in creating excellence and letting the quality of our work speak for itself.

Excellence: with great attention to detail, collaborative working and innovative thinking, we can deliver

Respect: we strive to work together, empower individuals and value all contributions from our staff, suppliers, partners and stakeholders.

By keeping these values at the heart of every decision we make, every action we carry out, we trust that Endeavour will continue to thrive.

Our vision is that all local authorities in the home counties will confidently use Endeavour Construction for their projects and that we will continue to build dream homes for our private clients.